David Weber and Friends on Space Warfighting

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Part 1: Interview with David and Karen Castelletti reading “Old Soldiers” by Neil Gaiman
Part 2: David premiers “Heart of Stone”
Part 3: Panel discussion on Warfighting in Space

Join us for an extended online show of Essence of Wonder, with David Weber as guest host.

David will be interviewed by Gadi Evron, followed by a reading from one of his works, and a panel David will host on space warfighting featuring friends and colleagues.

11 April, 2020.
3 PM US Eastern Time.

David Weber
Joelle Presby
Christopher Weuve
Jacob Holo
– Gadi Evron
… and maybe others. 🙂

David Weber
– Karen Castelletti
– Gadi Evron

Schedule (by Eastern Time):
3 PM – David interviewing (with Gadi and Karen)
4 PM – Reading by David (could start earlier)
After reading, probably around 4:10 to 4:30 – but up to David – the Panel (will last between 60 and 90 minutes)

– Space warfighting – What would it really look like?
– How would military and/or political strategy shift in an interstellar setting?
– How would space affect military R&D?

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See you soon,
Gadi Evron.

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