Leadership in Crisis, a Panel of Event Chairs

On Saturday the 25th, Esther MacCallum-Stewart and James Bacon will join Gadi to co-host the show, featuring two discussion panels on Leadership in Crisis (with and without Covid-19 in mind), with former and future chairs (and bid chairs) of Worldcon, World Fantasy Con, and Eastercon, along with some others thrown into the mix such as the chair of the hacker conference DerbyCon, and a world-recognized leadership expert. We will also interview a special guest: The founder of the Concellation 2020 Facebook group.

Video recordings

Part 1: Mistakes made, lessons learned
Part 2: Concellation 2020 and Karen Reads
Part 3: Adapting in the future

Clips from the episode:

– Karen Reads: “Garg and Moonslicer” by u/wanderingbishop.
– Concellation 2020 non-chair Christopher Ambler interviewed by Helen Montgomery, with Christopher J. Garcia and Gadi Evron.

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Agenda: Crisis situations, management of communications around incidents, responding to Code of Conduct challenges, making critical decisions such as canceling an event due to Covid-19, and how future conventions are adapting.

First panel
Topic: Mistakes made, lessons learned.
3 PM Eastern.

  • Vincent Docherty (Worldcon 53, 63)
  • David Kennedy (DerbyCon – Cyber security)
  • Patty Wells (Worldcon 69)
  • Colette Fozard (Worldcon 2021)
  • Randall Shepherd (Worldcon 71)
  • Stephen Kelner (leadership expert)

Special guest
Open discussion
Around 4:05 PM Eastern.

  • Christopher Ambler (founder of Concellation 2020 Facebook group)

Second panel
Topic: Adapting in the future.
Around 4:40 PM Eastern.

  • Ginny Patrick Smith (World Fantasy Con 2020)
  • Dragos Ruiu (CanSecWest – Cyber security)
  • Vanessa May (Eastercon 2020)
  • Helen Montgomery (Worldcon bid chair, 2022)
  • Vincent Docherty (Worldcon 53, 63)
  • Patty Wells (Worldcon 69)


  • 25 April, 2020.
  • 3 PM US EDT.

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More in this episode

  • Tammy Coxen in a new show corner with a geeky outlook on alcohol
  • Karen Castelletti in her regular spot, reading a Neil Gaiman short story

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An online conferencing Zoom link along with dial-in phone numbers will be emailed to registered attendees.

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