Show Notes for Episode 1: Warfighting in Space with David Weber and Friends

The Starfury fighter from Babylon 5 received much praise on the show chat. [Source]

In Episode 1 of Essennce of Wonder, Gadi Evron and Karen Castelletti hosted author David Weber [Wikipedia] for an interview and a reading, followed by a panel discussion on Warfighting in Space moderated by David, with guests Christopher Weuve, Jacob Holo, and Joelle Presby.

Most exciting news from the show:
Ta da! There are plans for an Honor Harrington TV show.
– Also, David Reads “Heart of Stone” (to be released June 2020, see video of reading below.).

Thanks to Cheryl Krause and The Royal Manticoran Navy fan club, and wishing a happy birthday to Sharon Rice-Weber.

This was the show’s first episode and it was recorded with a live audience.

Video recordings

Part 1: Interview with David and Karen Castelletti reading “Old Soldiers” by Neil Gaiman
Part 2: David premiers “Heart of Stone”
Part 3: Panel discussion on Warfighting in Space

Notes include
– Show guests, hosts, and production
– Readings
– News and upcoming works from David Weber
– News and upcoming works from David’s guests
– Quotes
– References and mentions

Show guests
David Weber
Christopher Weuve
Joelle Presby
Jacob Holo
Karen Castelletti

Karen Castelletti
Gadi Evron

Gadi Evron
Daria Medved
John Dodd
Patrick Maher
Ian Stockdale
Niamh Kearney
Karen Castelletti

– David Weber read “Heart of Stone”, a yet unpublished short story he wrote for the upcoming LibertyCon anthology “Give Me Libertycon” with editor Chris Woods. Baen Books is publishing the anthology in memory of Tim Bolgeo, founder and Chairman Emeritus of LibertyCon, with an estimated release date of June 2020.

– Karen Castelletti read “Other People” by 

News and upcoming works from David Weber
David’s website

Honor TV show
David is in the early stages of discussion with Radar Pictures on a pilot script for a potential Honor Harrington television series, which is still speculative but David believes it could be a good platform for Honor.

Upcoming release
– “The Valkyrie Protocol“, together with Jacob Holo (6 October 2020), see more details below.

In various working stages (no release date)
– “Into the Light”, together with Chris Kennedy.
– “Cloak of Evil” (name subject to change), the next Honorverse book, together with Eric Flint.
– “A Call to Insurrection”, the next installment in the Manticore Ascendant series, together with Tim Zahn and Tom Pope.
– “Gordian Universe novel”, together with Jacob Holo (starting stages)

Planned projects
– In collaboration with Philip Pournelle, David plans at least two more collaborative novels in Jerry Pournelle’s Janissaries series [Amazon].
– Richard Fox and David are working on a prequel to the “In Fury Born” / “Path of the Fury” novel [Amazon].
– The next installment of the Honorverse Companion, following “House of Steel” (written together with Christopher Weuve, has been tentatively named House of Lies. 

News and upcoming works from David’s guests
Christopher Weuve

– “House of Steel: The Honoverse Companion“, together with David Weber and BuNine.

Jacob Holo
Jacob’s books

– “The Valkyrie Protocol“, mentioned above, comes out October 6th from Baen Books. This is the sequel to “The Gordian Protocol” by David Weber and Jacob.

Joelle Presby
Joelle’s books

– Joelle recently published a series of three short stories in the alternate military history Phases of Mars anthologies [Amazon]. “THOSE IN PERIL,” “TO SLIP THE SURLY BONDS,” and “TROUBLE IN THE WIND.”
– She is currently working on her part of the next Multiverse novel with David Weber. A portion of that manuscript will be a short story titled, “All Dolphins Go To Heaven.”


“Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics.”

Gen. Robert H. Barrow, USMC (Commandant of the Marine Corps) noted in 1980 (quoted by Karen).

“Everything in war is very simple. But the simplest thing is difficult.”

— Carl von Clausewitz, On War. (David quoted this from memory as “In war, everything is very simple, but accomplishing even very simple things is incredibly difficult.”)

“Whether or not someone has done their duty has no bearing at all on whether or not it’s m job to do mine.”

— Honor Harrington, On Basilisk Station.

I knew if the books worked, they would be compared to Horatio Hornblower [Wikipedia].”

— David Weber on how Honor got her name (the HH initials), after discussing her character. Read The Happy Return [Amazon].

“I was looking for a place where the values my parents were trying to teach me could actually work. A place that said to me ‘this is who you pattern yourself on if you want to be a worthwhile human being, and why should you settle for not being a worthwhile human being.”

— David Weber interview on Essence of Wonder With Gadi Evron, Episode 1.

“I think of science fiction as a technological society’s fairytales.”

— David Weber interview on Essence of Wonder With Gadi Evron, Episode 1.

The true classics that get read, and read, and read, and read, were seldom written as classics in their day. They were the popular entertainment of the day that spoke to  a universal human condition in terms that lived.”

— David Weber interview on Essence of Wonder With Gadi Evron, Episode 1.

“‘Romeo and Juliet’ has a much unhappier ending, but you’re actually inside human beings who are dealing with stuff, and I think that’s why people read. .People don’t read because [of] ‘ooh, they got shiny spaceships in them.’ People read because of ‘oo look, these really good characters have shiny spaceships.”

— David Weber interview on Essence of Wonder With Gadi Evron, Episode 1.

“‘Surprise is what happens when somebody doesn’t realize what they’ve seen all along.’ What they’ve seen all along isn’t what they thought they were seeing, such as sailing under false colors. Surprise exists more in here [points to hear] more than sometimes it exists in your information flow.”

— David Weber quoting Honor Harrington, Warfighting in Space Panel discussion, Essence of Wonder With Gadi Evron, Episode 1.

References and mentions
– Honor Harrington series by David Weber.
Read about The Honorverse [Wikipedia]
Read the series [Amazon]

– The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association.

Some key mentions in the show and on the chat:
– A story recommended by David: “Test to Destruction” [Wikipedia], by Keith Laumer [Wikipedia] from Harlan Ellison‘s [Wikipedia] science fiction anthology “Dangerous Visions” (1967) [Wikipedia]. Named for the engineering term of the same name.

– David recommended TV series Person of Interest for its treatment of Artificial Intelligence and associated ethics and risks.
Wikipedia, Amazon.

Carl Von Clausewitz [Wikipedia], “On War.” [Amazon].

– David Weber’s Bolos novel, “Old Soldiers” [Amazon]. Also see, “BOLO!” novel [Amazon].

– Colonel Mac who inspired Honor Harrington’s leadership style’s full name is Maxwell MacGregor MacMahan.

– David Weber’s Young Adult series, Star Kingdom [Amazon].

– Harry Potter.
Wikipedia, Amazon.

– Babylon 5 (TV show).
Wikipedia, Amazon.

– The Expanse (TV show).
Wikipedia, Amazon.

– The author of the books The Expanse is based on: James S. A. Corey.
Wikipedia, Amazon.

– Battlestar Galactica (TV show).
Wikipedia, Amazon.

– Star Trek: The Original Series, Balance of Terror (season 1, episode 14).
Wikipedia, Amazon.

– Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
Wikipedia, Amazon.

– The OODA Loop.
Wikipedia, Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War [Amazon].

– Charles Gannon (often collaborates with David).
Website, Amazon.

– Starfury fighter
Special mention was made of the Starfury fighter from Babylon 5 in relation to NASA in the show chat:

“In Babylon 5, the Star Furies won an award from NASA, because they came up with a space fighter that dealt with the need for maneuvering in space. Not a perfect fighter, but did deal with factors other shows failed to address. “

Tracy Newby in show chat, Essence of Wonder With Gadi Evron, Episode 1.

“The Earth Starfury design (loosely based on the Gunship from Last Starfigher) was so well thought out that NASA approached JMS [Wikipedia] for permission to develop a work vehicle based on the Starfury for the ISS.”

— “The Correctness.”

See you on Saturday for our upcoming episode with David Farland!
Gadi Evron.

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