Malka Older: A Writer, International Disaster Responder, and Much More

Show notes and recording available here.

On Saturday (May 2nd) at 3 PM Eastern special guest Malka Older will be joining Gadi and co-host Karen Castelletti for the fourth episode of Essence of Wonder With Gadi Evron.

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We were excited when Malka agreed to come on our show. She is an inspiring writer (“Infomocracy”) [The Verge, Amazon] delving deep into the effects of information in the digital age, and an awesome person to boot. Little did we know just how awesome. To research the show we started by going to Wikipedia, and our jaws hit the floor.

… Responded to … natural disasters in Sri Lanka, Uganda, Darfur, Indonesia, Japan, and Mali, in the last three as Team Leader.


Show hosts

  • Karen Castelletti is a serial entrepreneur and currently CTO & Cofounder at Ever/Body. Formerly of Google by way of MIT she leads large technology teams in demanding environments, most recently with CapitalOne.
  • Gadi Evron coordinates global response to cyber threats targeting the Internet infrastructure, is chair of the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Risk Insight Council, and wrote the post-mortem analysis for The First Internet War [Wikipedia].

Show corners

  • Karen will come back for her weekly short story reading
  • Rhetorical studies professor Steve Llano
  • Tammy Coxen will teach us how to mix a couple of specialty drinks

See you on the show!

Gadi Evron.

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