Countering “Fake News”: Professionals Speak

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On Saturday (16 May) professionals in the field of influence operations (“Fake News”) will join Gadi, Sounil Yu, Malka Older, and special guest David Weber to discuss how disinformation can be countered from an operational standpoint, as well as its effects on society and policy.

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About the episode

This episode consists of two panels of experts, and a short discussion with movie producer Michael Morgenstern on his disinformation themed film “Definitely Real”.

Panel one will cover the effects of “Fake News” on society, and the shaping of policy around the topic. Panel two will dive deeply into methodologies, operational tools, and techniques, for countering “Fake News” attacks.

The show will absolutely not discuss any current politics.


  • David Weber – Illustrious military science fiction author (Honorverse), and occasional co-host of the show.
  • Sounil Yu – Thought leader and innovator in cyber security, who also, along-side Gadi, founded Art Into Science: A Conference For Defence (CISO in Residence at YL Ventures, and until recently, Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America).
  • Malka Older – SF author (“Infomocracy”) and humanitarian worker leading disaster response worldwide, Malka was named the 2015 Senior Fellow for Technology and Risk at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.
  • Gadi Evron – Former CEO of Cymmetria [aqcuired], coordinates global response to cyber threats, chair of the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Risk Insight Council, and led the post-mortem for The First Internet War [Wikipedia].

Schedule and participants

Panel One: Society and Policy (Starts 3:00 to 3:15 PM Eastern Time)
Moderated by: Malka Older.

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  • John Rendon – Long time government official, policy influencer, campaign manager, and strategic expert (Chief Executive Officer and President of The Rendon Group, Inc.)
  • Justin Somaini – An industry-founding CISO and thought leader in cyber security (Chief Security Officer at Unity Technologies, most recently with SAP).
  • Prof. Braden Allenby – Leading scientist and founder in the field of Weaponized Narrative (Currently Professor of Engineering at ASU, where he is also founding Co-Director of The Weaponized Narrative Initiative, and past Vice President of Environment, Health and Safety at AT&T).
  • Richard H L Marshall, Esq. – A founder of modern thinking in policy and legislation in cyber security and cyber warfare, serving as attorney for DoD, NSA, and DHS on the topic for decades (Chairman of the board of Cinturion Group, and CEO of X-SES).

And special guest:

  • David Weber

A discussion with Michael Morgenstern

Michael Morgenstern
Michael Morgenstern

Karen Castelletti will lead a discussion with Michael about his new film, “Definitely Real”. Joining her will be Gadi, Sounil Yu, Malka Older, and David Weber.

  • Michael Morgenstern – Filmmaker, technologist, and culture hacker, Michael is working to change the way we think about and interact with media. He is combining film, social platforms news cycles, narrative structure, interaction design, and internet systems to explore the complexity of the digital era and the issues we face today. His films have screened in over 70 film festivals worldwide.
  • Karen Castelletti – A serial entrepreneur and experiential artist. She is Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder at Ever/Body. Formerly of Google by way of MIT, she leads large technology teams in innovative environments, most recently with CapitalOne.

Panel 2: Countering Information-based Attacks (Starts 4:15-4:30 PM Eastern Time)
Moderator: Sounil Yu

CNI Kilchain by the ACoD working group on the topic, led by Gadi.
  • Justin Somaini – An industry-leading CISO and cyber security industry pioneer (Chief Security Officer at Unity Technologies, most recently with SAP).
  • The Grugq – Grugq introduces himself a hacker. He is much, much more than that, but we’ll respect his humility and stop here.
  • Dr. Rosanna Guadagno – Social psychology expert in the field of digital influence (Director, Information Warfare Working Group, CISAC, Stanford University).
  • Sara-Jayne “SJ” Terp – When problems such as food shortages happen, SJ is one of the people who figure it out first. She is an undisputed leader in the field of misinformation (Chair of CogSecCollab).
  • David M. Perlman – Leading expert in the field of misinformation detection and categorization (CEO at CogSec).

Gadi Evron.

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