A Statement from EoW on Black Lives Matter

We created Essence of Wonder because we believe in the power and possibility of visionary futures. We love science fiction and fantasy because of the potential, and the promise that they provide. But all good stories contain a moment where the horrors of what people can do to one another must be named, and must be confronted. The hard truth is that we have not only reached, but passed this point in our own world–We must now face the silence that has allowed such injustices to perpetuate and ask ourselves, “what next?”. 

As we have announced on the show, we will be listening to guests from the black community and the stories they choose to share, so that we can educate ourselves. We have shows already planned which we are moving to an earlier date, as well as seek out more voices we could collaborate on show creation with, provide our platform for their use, and include them.

Now and everyday, we will amplify their voices. We will listen. We will fight together to end the systemic racism that has caused so much heard and unheard pain in our communities, because all lives can’t matter until Black lives matter. 

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has compiled a list of resources:

From Black Lives Matter, organizations who need support:

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