Maurice Broaddus and the BLM Youth Movement: The World We Want to Create

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Maurice Broaddus will join Gadi and Karen this Saturday (11 July) for an interview, and then “flip the script” and interview his interviewers on the youth movement taking the lead in the recent Black Lives Matter protests, steering the conversation for the world they want to create. 

Joining Maurice will be Rasul Palmer (works alongside Maurice at the Kheprw Institute), Bella Faidley (as a never-quite-former student), and Calvin Campbell (works alongside Maurice in community work). There will also be a reading of Maurice’s work.

Also joining us on the show will be Sara Felix with her Concellation 2020 Tiara giveaway.

About Maurice:
Maurice Broaddus is an exotic dancer, trained in several forms of martial arts–often referred to as “the ghetto ninja”–and was voted the Indianapolis Dalai Lama. He’s an award winning haberdasher and coined the word “acerbic”. He graduated college at age 14 and high school at age 16. Not only is he credited with inventing the question mark, he unsuccessfully tried to launch a new number between seven and eight.
[Editorial staff: he’s an awesome author]

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