Sheree Renée Thomas and Friends on Afrofuturism and the Magic of Storytelling and Music

Sheree Renée Thomas. Photo by Gabby Rodriguez and Wisdom Dewberry.

Sheree Renée Thomas will join Gadi to co-host a show on Afrofuturism. Sheree has more knowledge on the topic of the history of Afrofuturism than anyone we ever met, not to mention an incredible ability to bring it to life through nothing less than magic and wonder. Also coming on the show will be Andrea Hairston, Pan Morigan, and Danian Darrell Jerry. This Saturday, the 18th of July.

We will explore the magic of storytelling and music, and the power of community and art to affect personal and prophetic change.

Saturday, July 18.
3 P.M. US Eastern Time.

Sheree Renée Thomas creates art inspired by myth and folklore, natural science and conjure, and the genius culture created in the Mississippi Delta. She is the author of Nine Bar Blues: Stories from an Ancient Future, her first fiction collection. She is also the author of two multigenre/hybrid collections, Sleeping Under the Tree of Life, longlisted for the 2016 Otherwise Award and Shotgun Lullabies, described as a “revelatory work like Jean Toomer’s Cane.”

Andrea Hairston is the author of Master of Poisons and Will Do Magic for Small Change.

Pan Morigan is co-editor of Trouble the Waters: Tales from the Deep (forthcoming from Rosarium) and composer of the album, Wild Blue.

Danian Darrell Jerry is a writer, teacher, and Hip Hop musician, holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Memphis where he teaches literature and English composition. His stories engage the culture and music nourished by the Bluff City and the Mississippi Delta.

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  1. I have registered to see Sheree Thomas tomorrow but how do I get there? Do I just come back to this site?

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