Nisi Shawl on Music, Spirituality, and the Creative Process

Nisi Shawl will join Gadi to co-host a show on music and spirituality in the creative process. Nisi will be joined by Iya Oshun Miwa for a discussion of West African religious traditions and how Nisi’s work relates to those traditions. Iya Oshun Miwa is a Priest of Oshun and professional storyteller
. Nisi and Gadi will explore the role of music in Nisi’s life and work, and we’ll also have a reading from Nisi’s work.

29 August, 2020.
3 PM US Eastern Time.

About Nisi Shawl
Nisi Shawl is the author of the 2016 Nebula finalist and Tiptree Honor novel Everfair, and the 2008 Tiptree Award-winning short story collection Filter House.  They received the Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award in 2019.  The Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award is given by SFWA for distinguished contributions to the science fiction and fantasy community.
  Nisi edited New Suns:  Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color, which won the 2020 Locus Award for Best Anthology.

In 2005, Nisi co-wrote Writing the Other:  A Practical Approach, now the standard text on diverse character representation in the imaginative genres.  Writing the Other was recognized with a special Locus Award in 2020.

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