AI and Ethics: Professionals Speak

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Experts on AI and ethics will join Steve Orrin, Gadi and Karen on the show for an in-depth professional discussion of the topic. This Saturday September 12 at 3 PM US Eastern Time.

Not Mute in the Winter…
In the first part of the show, we’ll be discussing the potential of AI to be useful to society in general, but we’ll be taking a greater look at where there are possibilities for AI to be misused or even abused if not properly handled.  Our primary questions in this part of the show will be to ask where AI can be biased, how bias is introduced into AI systems, examples of attacks on AI and how these then manifest in the world. We’ll be looking at the social implications of using AI in situations where previously only human judgement has been deployed and how this is spreading to encompass more decision-making processes.

Turing Test Failed, They Suspect Nothing…
How can the use of AI in the health sector, when deployed with the best of intentions, go bad? Our show corner will be looking at the implications of forms of individual and group level surveillance like digital phenotyping (flagging suicide ideation), contact tracing or wastewater testing (for identifying COVID-19 exposure) and how this application of AI can both be a source of great concern while at the same time a possible force for good.

Terminating Skynet…
In the second part of the show, we’ll be looking will be how to ensure an ethical approach to the development and control of Artificial Intelligence.  How we should go about securing AI systems and the methods of embedding ethics throughout the lifecycle of AI and its usages. We will also delve into the social vs institutional approaches to Ethical AI.

Our esteemed group of panelists include

  • Steve Orrin – Federal CTO, Intel Corp
  • Dr. Jim Short – Research Director, Lead Scientist and co-founder of the Center for Large Scale Data Systems (CLDS) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.
  • Chloe Autio – AI Policy Lead for Intel Corp
  • Dr. Andrew Harding – Senior Technology and Policy Adviser at Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation for the UK Government
  • Tamara Zubatiy – CEO of VeriCrypt
  • Camille Nebeker – Research ethicist and Associate Professor of Behavioral Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine & Public Health, School of Medicine, UC San Diego

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