Maurice Broaddus and the BLM Youth Movement: The World We Want to Create

Maurice Broaddus will join Gadi and Karen this Saturday (11 July) for an interview, and then “flip the script” and interview his interviewers on the youth movement taking the lead in the recent Black Lives Matter protests, steering the conversation for the world they want to create.

Hugo Awards Finalists for Best Short Story and Best Editor Short Form, Featuring Lior Manor the Mentalist

The Hugo Awards finalists in the Best Short Story and Best Editor Short Form categories will be joining Gadi and Karen on the show for panel discussions. Also joining the show will be world-famous mentalist Lior Manor, for our weekly show corner.

A Statement from EoW on Black Lives Matter

We created Essence of Wonder because we believe in the power and possibility of visionary futures. We love science fiction and fantasy because of the potential, and the promise that they provide. But all good stories contain a moment where the horrors of what people can do to one another must be named, and must be confronted. The hard truth is that we have not only reached, but passed this point in our own world–We must now face the silence that has allowed such injustices to perpetuate and ask ourselves, “what next?”.

Hugo Finalists for Best Novella and Best Novelette 2020 (and Tiara Giveaway!)

Several of the 2020 Hugo nominees for Novella and Novelette will be joining Gadi on Essence of Wonder with Gadi Evron, including Seanan McGuire, Sarah Gailey, Siobhan Carroll, and Amal El-Mohtar. Facilitating the discussions will be Vincent Docherty and Karen Castelletti.

David Brin and the 2020 Hugo Finalists for Best Professional Artist

David Brin, world-renowned author and public intellectual, and the Hugo Awards finalists for Best Professional Artist, will be joining Gadi, Karen Castelletti, and Sara Felix on the show on Saturday (30 May). Tammy Coxen will come back to teach us how to mix The Hugo Cocktail.

Show Notes for Episode 5: Cory Doctorow Being Civil With Security Experts

In Episode 5 of Essence of Wonder with Gadi Evron, Cory Doctorow joined us for a reading, a talk on Right-to-Repair, DRM, and Covid-19/Med-tech, and then moderated a panel with Steve Crocker, Keren Elazari, Dimitri Alperovich, Ron Gula, and Caleb Sima. Karen Castelletti read Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman.

Show Notes for Episode 4: Malka Older, a Writer, Manager of Global Disasters, and Much More

In Episode 4 of Essence of Wonder with Gadi Evron, Gadi and Karen hosted an interview with Malka Older, and introduced new show corners with Stephen Llano and Tammy Coxen, with Karen Castelletti reading “I, Cthulhu” by Neil Gaiman.