To Boldly Go: A New Book on Strategy, Leadership, and Modern Conflict in the 21st Century, by Way of Science Fiction

Steven Leonard, Max Brooks, Major General Mick Ryan, and Jon Klug, join us to discuss strategy, leadership, and modern conflict from the perspective of science fiction.

One of the chapters in the book is called “You’re Not Ender Wiggins, and That’s Okay (by Will Meddings). Be still, my heart.

“For All Mankind”: Reimagining Space, Society, and History on the Apple TV+ Show

Gadi couldn’t stop talking about “For All Mankind” until we promised to build an episode around it. Joining him and Karen to share their impressions of the show will be R.W.W. Greene (author of The Light Years and Twenty Five to Life), Helen Montgomery (Chair of Chicon 8), and Alex Fayette (board member of both Karen’s and Gadi’s startups).

2021 Hugo Award Best Novel Finalist Mary Robinette Kowal and Astounding Finalist Micaiah Johnson

Mary Robinette Kowal, author of The Relentless Moon (Tor Books / Solaris), and Micaiah Johnson, author of The Space Between Worlds (Penguin Random House / Del Rey) join us to talk about their works and what they have coming down the pipeline. This Saturday, June 26th, at 3 PM US Eastern Time.

Future of the HUGO, ASTOUNDING and LODESTAR Awards: Worldcon Insiders Discuss the History and Trends

Three Worldcon insiders, Tammy Coxen, Nicholas Whyte, and Vincent Docherty will join Gadi and Karen to discuss the Hugo, Astounding, and Lodestar awards, their history, and their future. This Saturday, June 12th, at 3 PM US Eastern Time.