Mexicanx on the Rise

Catch a rising star as five of the Mexicanx Initiative’s leaders spotlight some of the brightest new literary and art phenoms. They’ll share their latest endeavors furthering Mexicanx representation in SFF and the world at large. Joining Gadi and Karen will be John Picacio, Libia Brenda, Julia Rios, Andrea Chapela, and Héctor González. This Saturday, April 10th, at 3 PM Eastern Time.

The Biohacking Show

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels Najla Lindsay and Nina Alli from the DEFCON Biohacking Village will join Gadi and Karen along with Meredith L. Patterson, for a conversation on the state of biohacking today. Where are we going with Biohacking? What should we be on the lookout for? How has the pandemic impacted our perspective of it?Continue reading “The Biohacking Show”

Hugo Awards Coverage in 2021 and Have You Voted Yet?

Art by our staffer Piia Sorvoja. As the nomination period for the 2021 Hugo Awards draws to a close this coming Friday, Essence of Wonder is planning a reprise of our Hugo Awards coverage last summer.  We interviewed the authors of the finalists for the best works in the Novel, Novella, Novelette, and Short StoryContinue reading “Hugo Awards Coverage in 2021 and Have You Voted Yet?”

Can We Read Their Books While Not Forgiving Them?

P. Djèlí Clark, Stephen Llano, and Alan Bond will join Gadi and Karen to discuss the challenges faced by the community when considering problematic authors and their works. This Saturday the 13th of March, at 3 PM Eastern time.

Ransomware Negotiators: Professionals Talk

Ransomware gangs demand millions, from millions of victims. Then there are specialized negotiators that talk to them on behalf of organizations. In this episode, Gadi and Karen will host two such masters, Christoph Fischer and Moti Crystal, who will share their experience with incident response, negotiation, and communication with criminal organizations.

For the Love of litRPG

For an episode celebrating litRPG, a hugely successful genre ruled by indie authors, joining Gadi and Karen will be Shemer Kuznits, Avi Freedman, John Dodd, Avril Sabine, and Storm Petersen. This Saturday, December 12th, at 3 PM US Eastern time. From what makes litRPG tick and our favorite authors, to the weird tropes hidden within, we fully intend to geek out.

Panel Discussion: On Discourse and Conversation

Joining Gadi and Karen will be Stephen Llano, Ryan Moon, and Carl Hertz, to discuss from a geeky perspective how modern discourse has shifted, and the challenges of conversation in these politically loaded times. This Saturday, 28 November, 2020.


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