Ransomware Negotiators: Professionals Talk

Ransomware gangs demand millions, from millions of victims. Then there are specialized negotiators that talk to them on behalf of organizations. In this episode, Gadi and Karen will host two such masters, Christoph Fischer and Moti Crystal, who will share their experience with incident response, negotiation, and communication with criminal organizations.

For the Love of litRPG

For an episode celebrating litRPG, a hugely successful genre ruled by indie authors, joining Gadi and Karen will be Shemer Kuznits, Avi Freedman, John Dodd, Avril Sabine, and Storm Petersen. This Saturday, December 12th, at 3 PM US Eastern time. From what makes litRPG tick and our favorite authors, to the weird tropes hidden within, we fully intend to geek out.

Panel Discussion: On Discourse and Conversation

Joining Gadi and Karen will be Stephen Llano, Ryan Moon, and Carl Hertz, to discuss from a geeky perspective how modern discourse has shifted, and the challenges of conversation in these politically loaded times. This Saturday, 28 November, 2020.

Bearing Across: The Art and Science of Translation

Joining Gadi and Karen on Saturday (24 October) will be Julia Meitov Hersey to co-host a show all about SF&F in translation. We will also host a friendly translators’ battle in which four different translators will present their interpretation of the same passage by K.A. Teryna, and discuss their choices. Also on the show will be Rachel Cordasco, Jan Kotouĉ, Isabel Stainsby, Neil Clarke, Alex Shvartsman, Max Hrabrov, and Yasser Bahjatt.

Is Science Fiction Really the Literature of Change?

Anil Menon is joining Gadi as co-host for a one-hour discussion on science fiction and change, bringing along friends and colleagues Christopher Brown, Claude Lalumière, Geoff Ryman, Nisi Shawl, and Vandana Singh. This Saturday, 19 September.

AI and Ethics: Professionals Speak

Photo by Lenin Estrada from Pexels. Experts on AI and ethics will join Steve Orrin, Gadi and Karen on the show for an in-depth professional discussion of the topic. This Saturday September 12 at 3 PM US Eastern Time. Not Mute in the Winter…In the first part of the show, we’ll be discussing the potential of AI toContinue reading “AI and Ethics: Professionals Speak”

SF&F Marketing Masters: Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Self-Publishing

Join us for a show with those who planned and executed the marketing of legends. On Saturday the 5th of September Dave Farland will join us to discuss his plan with Scholastic for making Harry Potter big. Ed Elbert will discuss the advertising of Star Wars. Craig Miller will share the stories of fandom and community outreach for Star Wars. And, Brian Meeks will bring us to 2020 with a discussion of self-publishing. Joining Gadi and Karen to co-host the show will be Morgan Hazelwood.


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