Show Notes for Episode 9: Joe Haldeman and the 2020 Hugo Finalists for Best Novel

In episode 9 of Essence of Wonder, genre-shaping author Joe Haldeman and the 2020 Hugo finalists for Best Novel, Alix E. Harrow, Seanan McGuire, and Arkady Martine, joined Gadi and Karen on the show. Special guest Alan Lightman came on the show to talk to Joe, and leadership expert Stephen Kelner returned with his analysis of leadership in The Forever War.

A Statement from EoW on Black Lives Matter

We created Essence of Wonder because we believe in the power and possibility of visionary futures. We love science fiction and fantasy because of the potential, and the promise that they provide. But all good stories contain a moment where the horrors of what people can do to one another must be named, and must be confronted. The hard truth is that we have not only reached, but passed this point in our own world–We must now face the silence that has allowed such injustices to perpetuate and ask ourselves, “what next?”.

Show Notes for Episode 7: Masters of Urban Fantasy

In Episode 7 of Essence of Wonder with Gadi Evron, Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Dana Cameron, and Toni L.P. Kelner (a.k.a. Leigh Perry) joined Gadi and Karen Castelletti for geeky shenanigans. Charlaine interviewed Patricia about her new Mercy Thompson book, “Smoke Bitten”, Karen read a selection from each author, they all shared pets, and joined forces in a panel discussion on Worldbuilding, with an emphasis on Urban Fantasy.

Hugo Finalists Panels Series – 2020 Rundown

At Essence of Wonder With Gadi Evron we are starting a Hugo Awards finalists series of shows, where over the next month we will host the finalists in various Hugo categories for panel discussions featuring their work and nominations, dedicating the show to the Hugos.


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