Hugo Finalists for Best Novella and Best Novelette 2020 (and Tiara Giveaway!)

Several of the 2020 Hugo nominees for Novella and Novelette will be joining Gadi on Essence of Wonder with Gadi Evron, including Seanan McGuire, Sarah Gailey, Siobhan Carroll, and Amal El-Mohtar. Facilitating the discussions will be Vincent Docherty and Karen Castelletti.

David Brin and the 2020 Hugo Finalists for Best Professional Artist

David Brin, world-renowned author and public intellectual, and the Hugo Awards finalists for Best Professional Artist, will be joining Gadi, Karen Castelletti, and Sara Felix on the show on Saturday (30 May). Tammy Coxen will come back to teach us how to mix The Hugo Cocktail.

Masters of Urban Fantasy: Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Dana Cameron, and Toni L.P. Kelner

Charlaine Harris will interview Patricia Briggs about her new Mercy Thompson book: Smoke Bitten. Then Dana Cameron and Toni Kelner (a.k.a. Leigh Perry) will join them for geeky shenanigans in a panel discussion about Worldbuilding (and maybe pets). Join us for this special show with The Leading Ladies of Urban Fantasy this Saturday (23 May).

Cory Doctorow Being Civil With Security Experts

Cory Doctorow will join us on Saturday (9 May) to talk on DRM, Right to Repair, and COVID-19/Med-Tech, read from “Unauthorized Bread”, and moderate a panel discussion featuring Martin Roesch, Keren Elazari, Ron Gula, Dmitry Alperovich, and Caleb Sima, discussing the challenges of digital policy when facing security and privacy realities,

Malka Older: A Writer, International Disaster Responder, and Much More

Show notes and recording available here. On Saturday (May 2nd) at 3 PM Eastern special guest Malka Older will be joining Gadi and co-host Karen Castelletti for the fourth episodeContinue reading “Malka Older: A Writer, International Disaster Responder, and Much More”

David Farland Interview With Hugo Winning Fanzine Editor Christopher J Garcia

Join us for an online interview with David Farland (a.k.a. Dave Wolverton). A special guest host will be joining Gadi for the occasion, Hugo winning fanzine editor, Christopher J Garcia.Continue reading “David Farland Interview With Hugo Winning Fanzine Editor Christopher J Garcia”