Show Notes for Episode 5: Cory Doctorow Being Civil With Security Experts

In Episode 5 of Essence of Wonder with Gadi Evron, Cory Doctorow joined us for a reading, a talk on Right-to-Repair, DRM, and Covid-19/Med-tech, and then moderated a panel with Steve Crocker, Keren Elazari, Dimitri Alperovich, Ron Gula, and Caleb Sima. Karen Castelletti read Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman.

Cory Doctorow Being Civil With Security Experts

Cory Doctorow will join us on Saturday (9 May) to talk on DRM, Right to Repair, and COVID-19/Med-Tech, read from “Unauthorized Bread”, and moderate a panel discussion featuring Martin Roesch, Keren Elazari, Ron Gula, Dmitry Alperovich, and Caleb Sima, discussing the challenges of digital policy when facing security and privacy realities,