Future of the HUGO, ASTOUNDING and LODESTAR Awards: Worldcon Insiders Discuss the History and Trends

Three Worldcon insiders, Tammy Coxen, Nicholas Whyte, and Vincent Docherty will join Gadi and Karen to discuss the Hugo, Astounding, and Lodestar awards, their history, and their future. This Saturday, June 12th, at 3 PM US Eastern Time.

US Election Interference in 2020 and Beyond Part II – Domestic Interference

Bryson Bort will join Gadi and Karen to talk about threats to the US elections in 2020 – this time domestic. Also joining will be Matt Masterson (Former Election Security Lead for CISA, Harri Hursti (Nordic Innovation Labs), SJ Terp (Strategist, ThreeT Consulting). This Saturday, May 22nd, at 3 PM US Eastern Time.

Exploring Chinese Science Fiction Multi-dimensionally: Fiction, Translation, Fandom, Industry, and More

Join us for two panels on Chinese science fiction explored from multiple outlooks, from the fiction itself, through the translation and the fans, and all the way to the industry. The show is co-hosted by Regina Kanyu Wang and Yen Ooi. This Saturday, April 24, at 3 PM US Eastern time.

Mexicanx on the Rise

Catch a rising star as five of the Mexicanx Initiative’s leaders spotlight some of the brightest new literary and art phenoms. They’ll share their latest endeavors furthering Mexicanx representation in SFF and the world at large. Joining Gadi and Karen will be John Picacio, Libia Brenda, Julia Rios, Andrea Chapela, and Héctor González. This Saturday, April 10th, at 3 PM Eastern Time.