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As geeks and entrepreneurs, we have many passions ranging from SF&F, science, and technology, to business, leadership, and strategy. Separation is the new reality in a world united by distance. We try to do our small part in making life under isolation just a little bit better for everyone.

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For the Love of litRPG

For an episode celebrating litRPG, a hugely successful genre ruled by indie authors, joining Gadi and Karen will be Shemer Kuznits, Avi Freedman, John Dodd, Avril Sabine, and Storm Petersen. This Saturday, December 12th, at 3 PM US Eastern time. From what makes litRPG tick and our favorite authors, to the weird tropes hidden within, we fully intend to geek out.

Panel Discussion: On Discourse and Conversation

Joining Gadi and Karen will be Stephen Llano, Ryan Moon, and Carl Hertz, to discuss from a geeky perspective how modern discourse has shifted, and the challenges of conversation in these politically loaded times. This Saturday, 28 November, 2020.

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